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Codice Prodotto: cons0016
CaLoSiL® contains nano-particles of lime hydrate (Ca(OH)2) suspended in different alcohols. Typical concentrations are between 5 g/L and 50 g/L. The average particle size is 150 nm. Ethanol, iso-propanol or n-propanol serves as solvents. Due to the low particle size stable sols are formed. That means the solids do not sediment for a long time. CaLoSiL® is a ready-to-use stone and plaster consolidant. Treatment of stone, mortar or plaster with CaLoSiL® results in the formation of solid calcium hydroxide after evaporation of the alcohol. That converts into calcium carbonate in a way similar to traditional lime mortars by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide. All alcohols evaporate completely. Chemicals or residues deteriorating stone or mortar are not formed. CaLoSiL® can be applied by dipping, capillary suction, spraying or injection. It is im-portant that the complete weathered zone of the stone is treated. Confezione da: Lt. 1 e Lt. 10
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