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CaLoSiL® grey is a stone strengthener as the other products of the CaLoSiL® family, but characterised by special properties concerning consistency, appearance and application possibilities. CaLoSiL® grey contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles in concentrations of between 5 and 50 g/L. The particles are stable dispersed in etha-nol. They have sizes between 50 and 250 nm. Specific properties of CaLoSiL® grey are:  Colour As the name it already indicates, in contrast to all other materials, the col-our is grey. That results from a special production technology.  Consistency It has the same concentrations like the other CaLoSiL® products but has a lower viscosity and looks more transparent.  Penetration behaviour Caused by the lower viscosity, CaLoSiL® grey penetrates better and faster, also in relative dense structures, than the other products.  White haze formation There is no or just a slightly white haze formation despite using concentra-tions up to 25 g Confezione da: Lt. 1 - lt. 10
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